Winona Mondor is a Registered Nurse in an approved private nursing practice who has been studying alternative modalities for over 20 years. She currently works in the community  with high risk elderly clients. As well as with individual clients who wish to have support and access  to effective therapies that will enhance their health related goals.

Winona is a comprehensively trained acupuncture therapist who graduate in 2001 from Grant MacEwan's 33 month Acupuncture program. Winona has been practicing massage and Reiki since the early 90's and has received her Reiki mastership. She graduated as a Master herbalist in 1997.

Some may know her from her successful aromatherapy supply business called Winona's Aromas where she created custom face creams and skin care products for her clients as she continues to do so now.

Winona is a professional member of the:

College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta

Natural Health Practitioners of Canada

Association of Registered Nurses in Private Practice

Please contact her if you are interested in having her work with you or would like to host or participate in a workshop.