Personalized Health Consultation and Care

Every client will be assessed as the unique  individual that they are. Let me be your whole health resource and guide to assist you to be the best you can be.  

Please come in ready to discuss your concerns and hopes for ideal health and wholeness of your mind and body.

Lets work together to address the areas of concern in your body and surroundings. If I don’t have the best treatment options for you I have a wide knowledge of other health resources in the community to ensure that you always receive the best and most appropriate assistance to help you reach your health related goals.

Services Offered

 Acupuncture Therapy

“Acupuncture for many, is a painless, safe and effective alternative or complementary therapy to treat and address a wide range of physical and emotional disorders”

 An Acupuncture session is a relaxing experience which leaves the patient closer to their treatment goals, with a heightened sense of well-being.

 Scientific research into Acupuncture therapy has been very extensive and has proven the healing benefits of its techniques. The uses of acupuncture points for healing have been proven through consistent observation and practice for over three thousand years. During the past twenty years the existence of these points and channels has been confirmed by electromagnetic research.


Pain Relief & Sports Injuries    

 People often turn to acupuncture for relief from pain. Experience has shown acupuncture to be helpful in alleviating the pain caused by many disorders and injuries.


World Health Organization:

 The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture as effective therapy for many health concerns.

 Acupuncture treats internal ailments as well as external ones. It has been successfully used for such problems as:


Pain Relief & Sports Injuries

Respiratory Disorders

Disorders of Bones, Joints, & Nervous systems

Circulatory Disorders

Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Disorders

Emotional & Psychological Disorders

Urogenital Disorders

Gynecological Disorders

Gastrointestinal Disorders


Complementary Therapy for the Treatment of Serious Conditions

  Acupuncture is used to address the root cause of disease, as well as strengthening the immune system, and increasing the patient's body strength.   Acupuncture can be an effective complementary therapy for serious illnesses such as cancer, lupus, MS, and can counteract side effects of some medical treatments such as Chemotherapy.


Therapy in Emotional & Spiritual Work & Treating Stress

  Acupuncture addresses both the emotional and physical aspects of each individual in the healing of the whole being. Acupuncture therapy, along with its complementary therapies such as bodywork and herbalism, is inherently designed to treat the emotional and spiritual self along with physical symptoms.

 Emotional processing and healing, though very beneficial, can be hard on the body and on people close to us. Acupuncture can help the body re-balance, strengthen and center itself during the shifts that occur during emotional work or in the stressful times in life.


What is an Acupuncture Treatment Like?

 After their initial interview, the client

lies or sits in a relaxed, comfortable position for the treatment. Each person's treatment plan will be unique. The location of needling will vary, depending on each person's individual interview and diagnosis.

 Winona usually begins a session with massage and palpation to locate sensitive acupoints and assess the degree of tension in painful areas


Needling: Acupuncture should never be painful. During needling, you may notice a tingling or dull sensation. This is a sign that the proper effects are being achieved. Often no pain or just a minor pinch, like that of a light mosquito bite, is felt upon needle insertion.


Acupressure/ Electric stimulation: If the client has an aversion to needles, acupressure and other techniques can be employed along with some mild electric, tuning forks or magnetic stimulation.

Acupuncture Therapy fee:

A acupuncture session may include; needle insertion, or point stimulation, acupressure type massage,  muscle cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, electric acupuncture, and reflexology techniques; including ear and hand therapy with or without needles. Special herbal liniments and aromatherapy products will also be utilized if necessary.

Fee: Sliding scale $60- $80 per treatment

Herbal & Diet Therapies:

These may be suggested if applicable and recommended according to the Traditional Chinese diagnosis of your individual body type. Counseling on how to use the flavor and properties of foods and herbs to produce harmony & health is included in your consultation fee.


Acussage Therapy:

 A combination of an acupuncture or cupping treatment combined with massage therapy 1.5 hour

Fee: $110.00


Acupressure & Registered Massage:

 This is offered for relaxation and therapy. Techniques include: myo fascial cupping, trigger point therapy, proprioceptive neuro muscular facilitation (PNF) stretching, mobilizations and related methods of therapeutic massage including acupressure techniques and cupping muscle release.

Fee: $85.00/hr


Well Elder Assessment and Care:

 Do you know of a senior that may need extra attention and assistance to ensure that the are in a healthy safe environment and are having all of their needs met.

 I have worked for years in community geriatrics as a specialty Registered Nurse, performing assessments and interventions for our seniors and dependent adults.

 I would be happy to visit your elder and discuss with them their concerns and perform a home safety and health assessment. Perhaps in combination with a foot or body massage.

Please call for rates.