“I was going crazy! and was told of acupuncture for menopause. Nothing worked until I had the acupuncture. I felt human. Also I have osteoarthritis and a lot of neck pain; acupuncture sure helped that as well, and I still see her! ”.

D. L.   Edmonton


  “I saw Winona for two separate acute sprains. She was able to relieve my pain and inflammation within the hour with continued results. After she had worked on my wrist the inflammation was down and the next day the inch high & wide ball had disappeared.

  When I sprained my back I was in extreme pain and was unable to move at all. I had no other treatments or drugs besides acupuncture. My back was completely back to normal after one treatment with Winona”.

W. W.   Edmonton


   “I had suffered a head and neck injury at work which left me with constant pain in the head and very sore and stiff neck and shoulders. After seeing my doctors and going through several tests I was still no better off until I had one treatment with Winona after which my head felt normal for the first time in months. The neck and shoulder pain was greatly relived as well, thanks to Winona. I highly recommend her talents in acupuncture and bodywork therapy. I have become a regular client. She sure helped me!”

S. P.   Edmonton